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Railways Network Stations Schedule (Main) Schedule (East)

Indian Railways spread wide network in Wardha district.  This district got the advantages of having the railways junction of all the connecting trains of Central, Southern as well as Northern line. Various Southern side trains from Chennai, Sikanderabad etc. takes turn here for Northern side by connecting Delhi, Hawara and other cities on its way.  

Trains on Central routes from Mumbai, Kolhapur, and others which makes turn at Manmad Janction can alight the passengers at Wardha or forward them for North Side through Madhya Pradesh or in South India.

Wardha district covers the length of single broad-gauge railway track is 65 K.M. Where as double broad - gauge railway track is 225 K.M. long. Triple broad – gauge track is having the length of 70 K.M., and narrow – gauge track is of 27 K.M. long. Total 397 K.M. railway network is available in district. Wardha is a major place in central India which connects Delhi – Chennai as well as Hawara – Mumbai routes. Below chart shows the Taluka wise Railway Stations in district.