rivimg.jpg (16001 bytes)Entire region of the district is situated in Wardha-Vainganga valleys. All rivers are originated from various mountains peaks and Satpuda hill ranges at Northern side. Except the part of Wardha and Vena rivers all are temporary type of rivers.

In Deoli, Wardha, Seloo, Hinganghat and Samudrapur Tahasil the Drainage pattern is of Dendritic type. Where as in Karanja, Ashti, Arvi Tahasil it is of Parallel or sub-parallel type. This is due to the controlling of Joint-planes in Besalt on the flow routes of northern side rivers. Therefore various northern side rivers flows parallel to the main river in North-South direction.

Wardha- Wardha river originates on 785 meter high Multai plateau of Satpuda near Betul from where it travels towards South and reaches in Wardha district. Further it flows at the North, West and South boundaries of district and enters in Chandrapur district.

A Dam is constructed with mud age under the Lower Wardha Project near Dhanodi village.

Vena- This is a main sub river of Wardha river. It flows for some distance on the boundaries of Wardha and Chandrapur district further joins river Wardha near Sawang village. It enters in Wardha district at north west side of Sindi(Rly.) 3 K.M. away from Wardha city.

Pothra- Pothra river originates at south-east side of Girad hills at 390 Meter height. In 1982, a clay Dam is constructed near Zunka village in Samudrapur Tahasil.

Bor-This is also the sub river of Vena like Pothra, originates in Nagpur district. It joins river Dham near Sawangi at 220 meter height. In 1969, a clay Dam is constructed on it near Bor village of Wardha Tahsil.

Dham-Dham river is a sub river originates on 465 meter high Brahmanwada hills of Dhaga, a reserved forest region. It flows through various routes.

Panchdhara- This river is sub river of Dham, originates on 599 M.S.L. height in Mandli reserved forest region.

Yashoda– Yashoda is a sub river of Wardha river originates on 357 meter height of Satpuda hills. It flows north-west and reaches at Allipur of Hinganghat Tahasil. Later it converts into south- flowing and joins Wardha river near Takli village.

Bakli– It originates on 435 meter hight of Satarpur reserved forest region in Ashti Tahasil and joins river Wardha at western side of Pargothan (Rly.) station.

Kar– Kar river originates on 650 meter hight of north-east side of Kondhali. Later it joins river Wardha at its entry point in district.