Population and Literacy

As per the 2001 Census, the population of the Wardha district is 12,36,736. The male population is 638990 where as women population is 597776. Population of the district is increased by 15.87 percent in the 10 years span of 1991 to 2001. From the total population, 20.40 percent population is of the urban area and 73.60 is of the rural area. The population of the urban and rural areas are 3,25,041 and 9,11,695 respectively.

The density of the population is 196 persons per square kilometer. The ratio of men and women population is 935 women for 1000 men. In rural area the same is 937 and for urban area 930 for one thousand men.

The population of Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribes is 1,58,630 and 1,54,415 respectively. It is 12.83 % and 12.49 % for SC and ST respectively for Total population.

When we consider the populative man power, as per the 1981 population is consider the total labor were 45.22 percent. But in 1991, the total labors percent was 42.21. It mean that, within 1981 to 1991 span the percentage of the labor decreases. In district 76% labors are related with agriculture and concerned works.

As per the analysis of population in age-category, in year 1981 the percentage of 0-14 age-group is 38.26 and in 1991 it is 33.27. For age-group, the population percentage in 1981 is 53.78 and in 1991 it is 57.37. Finally for age-group 60 onwards, the percentage in 1981 is 8 and in 1991 it is 9.

The total number of literate in district is 8,65,556 as per the 2001 census. The men literates are 4,86,736 and women literates are 3,78,820. There are 80.06% literates out of the total population of the district.